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  • Been away from your band mates due to the pandemic? Afraid of playing in a small rehearsal room with no ventilation? Annex room is your way to rehearse with maximum safety in mind!

  • The room is available in 3-12 hour blocks (30 minute load in/out provided) depending on your needs, and one of our staff members will be on had to ensure your experience is the best it can be.

Audio Recording

  • Using our own 32 track live board, we can capture your performance at 44.1 or 48k samples with single (32) or double (64) process precision for solid stems to take to your mixing engineer.

Video/Audio Recording & Editing

  • Using an Atem Mini-Pro, Mini-Pro ISO and seven room-mounted, 1080p video cameras and lots of go pro options for creative angles, Annex Room is ready to capture all the passion and excitement of your performance. Do a live, polished performance, or let your fans 'listen in' to your creative process. The possibilities are only limited by your vision.


  • Book a livestream session and we can broadcast a high quality audio and video experience straight into the frontal lobes of your YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch, or Instagram Live followers.

  • Record release parties, Patreon shows, routine check-in shows, weddings, bat-mitzvahs... if you need a place to reach the world via the internet, we'll get it out there for your fans to tune into!

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