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Our Core Values

Company Vision

Annex Room Studio is a small, privately-owned rehearsal and performance stage, located in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle.  We strive to provide an intimate, immersive environment for any Artist or Performer to forward their creative aim and will work very hard to ensure your activity or event is a success.


Annex Room Studio supports all artists, with an emphasis on providing a safe creative space for ALL, with outreach to women, and our LGTBQA/BIPOC community.  Staff will offer respect, kindness and acceptance for anyone, and ask the same from our business partners and Artists/Performers.


To create and operate the Premier Rehearsal and Performance Stage in North Seattle and widen the community of inclusiveness along the way!

Respect for the Individual

We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. Annex Room Studio is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the full potential in each of us.  

Annex Room Studio works to forward protections and inclusion for vulnerable people within our community, and expects any staff and business partner to be sensitive to that core ethic.  We ask that each of us honor the preferred gender pronoun of any staff member, Artist/Performer, or business partner at all times to help with that initiative.

Uphold the Law

Annex Room Studio’s commitment to integrity begins with complying with laws, rules and regulations where we do business.

We expect all staff, Artist/Performers, and business partners to comply with the Local, State and Federal laws that govern our location at all times.

General Principles

Safety and Health Practices

Annex Room Studio is committed to an injury-free and illness-free workplace that is operated in an environmentally-sound manner in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations that protect worker, Artist/Performer, and environmental safety. 

Honesty, Integrity and Fair Play

Annex Room Studio embraces the principle of honesty, integrity and fair play in the delivery of goods and services to the public.  


All staff will work to ensure that the business operations are conducted in a fair, transparent, and impartial manner.

Mistakes will, no doubt, be made.  We ask that all parties involved maintain patience, kindness and transparency throughout the rectification process.  All reasonable remedies will be applied whenever something goes wrong.

No service, equipment, material or product shall be bartered, traded for, or exchanged without the written consent of all three Partners.  Any quid-pro-quo arrangements are strictly prohibited.

Creative/Intellectual Property

The most important possession of any artist is what they create, and Annex Room Studio is committed to maintaining absolute integrity when it comes to sharing, modifying, reproducing, or duplicating of any materials created at our location.  We will never share any material created by an Artist/Performer without express consent.

Property of the Company

Staff and Artist/Performers afforded access to any property of Annex Room Studio should ensure it is properly used and maintained for the purpose of maintaining the Company’s business.  Misappropriation or abuse of any Company property is prohibited.

Fair Competition

Annex Room Studio’s policy is to prohibit staff from engaging in any anticompetitive practice which could result in restraining or distorting any competition for our services.  Our staff members are prohibited from performing any act of unfair competition manifested through: misappropriating clients from a competitor by using previous relationships established at the company; targeted recruitment of employees of competitors without their solicitation; any act that could adversely affect the reputation of a competitor, their employees or business partners.  

We feel our ability to deliver a superior product should govern our Artist/Performers’ choice to do business with us – nothing more, nothing less.

Continuous Improvement

To maintain a competitive advantage through excellence, we must continuously assess our own execution of our services, the condition of our facility and its equipment, as well as our processes of delivery.  Just because something works well today does not mean we can stop seeking opportunities to make our product better through improvement.  

We will always welcome the feedback of any staff member, Artist/Performer, or business partner when they see an opportunity to make Annex Room Studio a better creative space.


The Company can take prompt and appropriate remedial action in response to violations of these Terms and Conditions/Code of Conduct. 

Any issue where a staff member, Artist/Performer or business partner does not conduct interpersonal relations with respect will result in that person or persons being asked to leave the premises, forfeiting any deposits/fees and possibly risking permanent access denial

Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated by any staff, Artist/Performer or business partner and will result in immediate removal from the premises, likely on a permanent basis

Material damages arising from a failure to observe these Terms and Conditions/Codes of Conduct will be pursued to the actual value of the loss of material, ability to conduct business, any and all professional fees, in accordance with the laws governing the State of Washington

Any staff member, Artist/Performer or business partner found to be engaging in serious illegal activity will result in a notification of the appropriate government or legal authorities of that conduct

Solicitation of quid-pro-quo, or services outside the defined fee schedule without seeking approval from all three Partners will result in immediate dismissal from the premises, likely on a permanent basis

Any staff member found to be in violation of any of the terms of this Terms and Conditions/Code of Conduct risks being removed from the premises in a manner judged to be appropriate by the tasked Partners


Each of us is responsible for knowing and adhering to the values and standards set forth in this Code and for raising questions if we are uncertain about company policy.   Annex Room Studio takes seriously the standards set forth in the Code and expects all parties to adhere to it at all times.  We will hold each person accountable for their actions, and will address each situation on its merits, affording consideration for all stakeholders.  The purpose maintaining accountability is to forward the goals of the business, so the individuals involved can thrive without cause for concern.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

Integral to Annex Room Studio’s business success is our protection of confidential company information, as well as nonpublic information entrusted to us by employees, Artist/Performers and other business partners.


Confidential and proprietary information includes such things as pricing and financial data, Artist/Performer names/addresses or nonpublic information about other companies, including current or potential supplier and vendors. We will not disclose confidential and nonpublic information without a valid business purpose and proper authorization.

Use of Company Resources

Company resources, including time, material, equipment and information, are provided for company business use. Nonetheless, occasional personal use is permissible as long as it does not affect job performance or cause a disruption to the workplace.

Those who represent Annex Room Studio are trusted to behave responsibly and use good judgment to conserve company resources. 

Generally, we will not use company equipment such as computers, copiers and fax machines in the conduct of an outside business or in support of any religious, political or other outside daily activity, except for company-requested support to nonprofit organizations. We will not solicit contributions nor distribute non-work-related materials during work hours.

In order to protect the interests of the Annex Room Studio network and our fellow employees, Annex Room

Studio reserves the right to monitor or review all data and information contained on an employee’s company-issued computer or electronic device, the use of the Internet or Annex Room Studio’s intranet. We will not tolerate the use of company resources to create, access, store, print, solicit or send any materials that are harassing, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive or inappropriate.

Media Inquiries

Annex Room Studio seeks to be a well-recognized company in our community, and from time to time, staff may be approached by reporters and other members of the media. In order to ensure that we speak with one voice and provide accurate information about the company, we should direct all media inquiries to one of the Partners for a response.  No staff may issue a press release or other media consumable without having received express direction from the Partners.

Do the Right Thing

Several key questions can help identify situations that may be unethical, inappropriate or illegal. Ask yourself:
Does what I am doing comply with the Annex Room Studio guiding principles, Code of Conduct and company policies?


Have I been asked to misrepresent information or deviate from normal procedure?

Would I feel comfortable describing my decision in a meeting?

How would it look if it made the headlines?

Am I being loyal to my family, my company and myself?

What would I tell my child to do?

Is this the right thing to do?

Information and Resources

Managing Partner
Scott Markley 


General Partner
Rick Trager


General Partner
Heidi Ray

Send all media inquiries to:

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